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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hollywood Midwest?

Chicago is, more often than not, becoming a place for major features to be shot, screened
and premiered. It's an easy trip for both the California and Texas film communities, as well
as the New York based community. People in the media arts, who live in Chicago, are
at the start of something great. The more connected that the world gets, the faster that
the internet connections get, the better we are positioned to not only host the live action
component of a film, but also the post production aspect. Is Hollywood going to go out and totally abandon the post community out there in favor of one here? Not by a longshot. However, the more affordable and talented that Chicago area houses become, and the more efficient and
cost-effective the post work becomes, the more that studios shooting here will choose
to off-load some of the post work here. It makes sense. We, as a post production community, need to be ready to go after this work and handle it with care, creativity and efficiency. If we do, then more and more work will gladly come from out of state, even if, believe it or not, there isn't live action being shot here. Think about it: more work is being done in Canada than
anyone ever thought would go there. Why? Only one answer: IT'S A LOT CHEAPER. Studios
are businesses. They will sell your grandmother to save some money (maybe even their own grandmother!). We need to be honest about pricing, competitive, at the top of our game,
but not unrealistic about how much work is valued. If we go too far in the direction of reducing cost, than all we do is wipe out our post production community so that the studios save some money. It's a delicate balance. What are your thoughts on how to walk that tightrope?


Dennis G. said...

Thats interesting.

Even though im more into game development ive got a bit of interest in special effects. Ive been playing with camera tracking, rotoscoping and compositing with Maya and Combustion.

Perry Harovas said...

Great! Do you have a website that shows off some of your game work or anything else you have done? Would love to see it. Thanks again for reading and stopping by.


Dennis G. said...


and my newest game can be found at
still need to update my site what that. :D

Perry Harovas said...

Thanks!. I'll check it out soon.

Perry Harovas said...

Nice job on some of those mods, especially Evolution. Keep at it, you can already see a progression of your skills from your first games to your most current ones. Thanks for sharing your website, Dennis.


Dennis G. said...

Thank you for taking the time to look.

Robert "Texturelighting" said...

I would like to point out that not only is it less expensive to do film production in Canada due to overall reduced costs, in some provinces, British Columbia for one, there are systems, talent, and procedures available to the production that notably reduce cost even further.
BC has "One-Stop-Shopping"for all the permits,permissions,insurance(s),
and general/specialized labor needs of a production. There also is a large and talented pool of willing and able production crew, locally trained by the likes of Capilano College and Vancouver Film School.
Chicago and other cities outside of the traditional film making areas
could do very well to emulate this streamlined model of production-friendly bureaucracy. Schools such as Flashpoint Academy are a necessary and integral part of attracting film production as there will always be professionally trained talent in the local area...
if a compositor or DP is needed on short notice, not only will the local talent be favored, the producer will be more comfortable knowing that their needs could be met "on-site" rather than having to
arrange transport for an entire crew.