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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lightning Stikes are INCREDIBLE here

The few storms that we have had here while I have been in Chicago have been amazing. Thunder, lightning (lots of it, and often). Maybe it's because the area is so generally flat. I am not sure. All I know is that it is an incredible sight to behold. I talked with others from Flashpoint, and they said they have watched the Sears Tower hit multiple times (on the antennae), over and over and over again. Like a giant lightning rod, but it never seems to sustain damage. I wouldn't be able to say that about anything else that got hit, because the lightning seems to be very intense. Maybe I am just closer to it than I am used to, and it's no stronger here than back east. Or maybe it's lightning from Thor's Hammer! OK, it's probably not, but I needed SOMETHING goofy to end this post with!


Dennis G. said...

Yeah we get lightning storms a lot huh :) Ive only lived by chicago my entire life so i don't know what its like in other places. I wanna see the Sears Tower get hit that probably looks cool! :D

By the way I bought your book
Mastering Maya 2 Complete
Its really awesome.

PeterH said...

It is pretty amazing when lighting hits the Sears Tower. It's like something out of a movie.


Perry Harovas said...

Thanks for the compliment, Dennis,
I appreciate it!

Hey Peter,

Next time you have your camera with
you, take some footage of it,
that P2 should make it look pretty
awesome, huh?