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Saturday, September 1, 2007

T-Minus how long???

16 days.

T-Minus 16 days, and counting...

That's how long before Flashpoint: The Academy of Media Arts and Sciences is open for school! There is a lot left to be done, but it will all get done. The excitement is carrying us all through the long hours and the craziness that happens when anything new and groundbreaking is started. It's part of the fun, and it wouldn't be the same without the craziness.

To a degree, the intensity makes all creative and groundbreaking endeavors not just "bearable" but actually thrilling. Like when I made my first visual effects shots for a real movie. At the time, what we were doing was groundbreaking. No one had done digital effects at the price point we were doing them, on the schedule we had, for the producers we had. And to top it all off, we had never done this before. No, I don't just mean we hadn't done visual effects for movies (we hadn't), I mean we were doing creatures (we had never even attempted those on our own), sky replacements, rotoscoping, particle effects, morphing and the list goes on. Read today, that isn't really scary. But for a bunch of guys who only made animated logos before, this was like being given the keys to ILM, but with no one there to run the place. We had to figure it all out for ourselves.

And we did.


But that is the best way to learn something. Just do it. Anyway you can. Even if everyone else (including yourself) thinks you can't. Show them (and yourself) how wrong that is. Prove it. Learn how to do it by doing it, making mistakes, changing strategy, and doing it again.

A wise old puppet once said: Do or do not. There is no try.

What he forgot to mention was that trying means "thinking about it". When you do something, even if it isn't working, you are still doing it. If it doesn't work the first time, do it again. Don't "try it again". DO IT again. Eventually, you will do it right. And when you do, you will have learned the "how" in the phrase: "How it's done". The phrase isn't "How it's tried".

If you fail, you've learned something. You've DONE something.
Eventually you will win.

If you try, you're still just thinking about it.


Dennis G. said...

Man if you are as good at speaking as you are at typing you are going to be a really really great teacher at flashpoint.

T-Minus 1 year 15 days for me. :(

Perry Harovas said...


First, thanks for the really nice
compliment! Next, your teacher is
going to be Simeon Peebler, right?
Well, if you think I am good, then
you will be really amazed when you
listen to him!

In any case, look at it this way,
you may have 1 year (and 15 days) to
go, but we will have 1 year (and 15
days) more time to come up with
cool stuff to teach you!

Thanks again, Dennis. Have a great
rest of your holiday weekend.


Dennis G. said...

Yes, Simeon.

I cant wait to meet both of you soon.

And I have one more year to learn lots more on my own. :)

Check out what I just finished.




Just have to do the animations now. :)

And make the barrel longer lol.

Perry Harovas said...

Hey! Nice job, Dennis! Looks like you
are going to be way ahead of the
game when you are ready to go here.

You've made a huge leap just since
the last time I looked at your art!

Great job. Thanks for sharing!

Dennis G. said...

Thanks for taking the time to look.

Do you have an email or use an instant messenger. If you don't mind I would love to get your feedback when i finish new stuff.

Perry Harovas said...

Hi Dennis,

Sorry, but I do not use IM at all.
Too much to do to spend time with
IM-type accounts. Just post a comment
here when you have something new and
I will see it automatically. I'd be glad to visit your site every so often to check out new stuff you create. So go create something new,
then hurry back here and post a comment. I'll be waiting!


Dennis G. said...

Cool, :)

I'll be updating my site in a few months with all the stuff I did on strider Mountain.