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Friday, November 2, 2007

Everything has just changed

I have seen the future, and it is here.
What do I mean by that, you ask?
If it's the future, how can it be here?
Isn't that the present? Yes, but also
no. Let me explain...

I have been getting familiar with the new
Sandbox 2 editor that comes with the
demo for Crysis, the new game from
Crytek and EA that comes out in 2 weeks
or so (November 16). In fact, the image
that is at the head of this post was
rendered in real-time with this game
engine (click to make larger).

It is, quite simply put,
unlike anything you have ever seen. It is
an animation program, real-time renderer,
game modder, shader creation tool and all around
incredible software accomplishment all wrapped
up in a free (yes, FREE) software download. In this one
program you have everything you need to create your
own animated movie. Really. I am dead serious. You have
characters (which can be totally recreated with external
applications like Softimage XSI and others), lip-synch tools
motion capture tools, motion detection/tracking algorithms,
terrain creation and texturing tools, vehicle dynamics,
cloth dynamics, ai, real-time shadows, volumetrics... Need I go on?

Of courase, the one thing you don't have, that you have to provide,
is a great story. Funny thing is, that has always been the hardest
part to get! Well, it still is. But now, assuming you have that, a great
script, great voice actors, etc., you can achieve what, literally, last week
was impossible. You can create a cinematic-quality movie with limited
hardware and software cost.

So, if this is here now, what is the future part, Perry?

It's only going to get better from here, that's the future part. More and
more of these type of programs will no doubt be making debuts
in the years to come. As real-time rendering gets more sophisticated,
it will completely replace off-line rendering. After all, why wait when you
don't have to. For those of us that use the mental ray renderer, goodness
is already here, because mental images has ported their entire renderer
to run on nVidia cards and within the framework of the Cg shader language.

The future is indeed bright and shiny!

Pinch me all you want, because I am not dreaming anymore.
I had foretold this day about 5 years ago, and shared it
with some of the people I worked with at the time. We all agreed it
would happen some day.

Looks like someday is today! Here's to tomorrow...


Dennis G. said...

I downloaded the SP crysis demo the first day it was released! It looks quite amazing. I also played with the editor. As I plan on modding for crysis (after Strider Mountain is done in a few weeks from now)

Well actually that "was" my plan, But with the demo I found out that my pc can only run it on LOW settings. So I am saving up money as fast as I can to upgrade so i can play on HIGH. :)

The editor is really neat! Lots of features like you said.

Oh by the way, I just made my own blog

Right now I am learning and practicing with Ambient Occlusion and Global Illumination, for baking out like a shadow map to use with the texture for a model. Also today I just learned how to transfer normal map data from a high poly object to a low poly object. Its easier to do then i thought and its produces fantastic results.

Im getting ready for the future!... heck, I am the future! :)

Great post. Keep blogging!

cubedude89 said...

Hey, Was nice meeting you in person, even if it was short :D
Now I just have to find a time to setup a personal interview so i can get accepted. I finally got the money so i can pay for the application and upgrade my pc for crysis!

Perry Harovas said...

Hi Dennis,

Nice meeting you too.
Glad you will be coming in for an interview with Simeon.

I hope to see you at the school
sometime and chat with you for
more than 20 seconds like with did
this past weekend.

Take care.


Woody Miller said...

Hey Perry,

I was down at the school for an interview today, and Ric mentioned your demo real. I watched it and I must say... its great! I really loved the children's animation.

We briefly talked about Cry Editor during the interview, and I had to agree on how great of an editor it was. Not only is CryEngine able to run on so many computers, it still looks great on all the settings. Navigating and using the editor is really simple, and the amount of features it includes is amazing. You can do so much with it already, I cant wait for what the SDK will allow. I have not used many of it's more advanced features, but I spent some time getting to know the whole mapping aspect, and that alone is amazing.

You are 100% correct in saying it is the future. I've still got to mess some more with the Unreal engine, but that is very powerful too. Things just keep getting better and better.

It was nice to meet you today, and hopefully we'll see each other again.

Robert "Texturelighting" said...

HI Perry... when will we see an update and some news from your projects?

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